Raising the Roof

10 May 2017
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Raising the Roof

You always need to think outside the box when you are renovating.  Matching old with new sometimes can be quiet challenging.  And that is why we love doing what we do!  We love a good challenge and this renovation certainly ticked that box.

Having a double story house where the lower level does not meet the legal height requirements of 2.4m ceilings is a common issue which we face in a lot of older houses.  This means, any space under this height is classified as “inhabitable”.  Our main goal was to:

  1. Create a “habitable” living space with a minimum of 2.4m ceiling height.
  2. Utilise the space as best as possible.
  3. Incorporate an interesting wall lining to cover exposed concrete walls.

Creating Habitable Living Space

Most people assume that the only way to gain extra ceiling height is to raise your house.  This is a somewhat costly exercise and why not spend the money elsewhere on your reno if it can be avoided? Here is a handy hint… In order for us to obtain the extra height, we stripped the ceiling exposing the joists.  We then sheeted in between each joist with VJ sheeting and insulation.  This allowed us to achieve a height of 2.5m.

The Layout

We managed to create 5 rooms in the space that we had

A storage room  – Which you enter through a movable book case! Study, bathroom, living area and a guest bedroom which has a moveable wall to extend the living area when it is not being used.




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